Every field has its masterer

Talos brand comes from ancient Greek mythology of the same name bronze giant, the divine warrior invincible, ever does not extinguish, loyalty and dedication to the mission of the happiness of the protection of human.Felt its spirit, Talos will "Every field has its masterer" as the brand of faith.20 years, firmly take the road to become the world's bottled beer distribution equipment master, rigor, fashion, passion and joy into the humanistic qualities innovative product development, which rise in the fierce international competition and rivalry among the industry, and Anheuser-Busch InBev, Qingdao, China and other industry leaders to successfully establish a strategic partnership, to become China's bottled beer distribution equipment industry leader.

Ice Frosted Tower(AB-Inbev)
CustomizedIceFrostedTowerby Talos forAB-Inbev access to the customers’ high praise
CustomizedYachtTowerby Talos for Tsingtao Beer access to the customers’ high praise.
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