Domestic beer barrels distribution equipment industry has not formed climate,But with the persistent and self development of self-confidence,Talos holdings to become the industry's few through independent research and development,Independent brand building and access to international market recognition of enterprises.

Memories of 10 years ago, just out of business during that time, Talos Holdings chairman Diqing Qiu feel shy.

At that time, he was a "feather boy", and his brotherDilin Qiu , nest in the basement of the home business. Orders came to Wenzhou, giving VCR manufacturers do copper jack.

At first, he was not quite sure even what the invoice, full truckload of goods, let the driver to pull out. Until the other calling. He did not know, "the original invoice required."

It is not clear how the success of a business.

But at least, after the initial period spent shy of entrepreneurship, Di Qing Qiu and Dilin Qiu , the two brothers began to understand "how it was set up factories." After that, they did the bathroom, valves, processing and distribution equipment beer barrels, which continue to accumulate money and resources. Until, have a relative told them, Wenling have a business, at the time foreign exhibitors, was torn out brochures.

They realized the seriousness of the problem.

In 2011, two brothers Dilin Qiu and Diqing Qiu invested heavily in upgrading technology, technology, equipment, began to build, "Talos (TALOS)" barrel beer distribution device independent brands. In Talos, everyone knows, Diqing Qiu is responsible for things outside,Dilin Qiu is responsible process technology products. Today, Diqing Qiu sitting in the office, confident careful calculation of the future space industry. And Dillin Qiu talked a lot about, or "Talos" craft.

By the end of 2011, Diqing Qiu and Dilin Qiu completed the first self-developed test equipment beer machine, and began to enter the full range of technical tests.During the test, the two brothers with a research and development team continue to improve and innovate, we completed a number of inventions patented technology research and development.Which applied to the tank internal "circulation vortex system" so that the cooling water tank temperature is more balanced, refrigeration rate increased by 7.2 percent, the wine was increased by 11.3%, 15.4% electricity savings.This is the purpose of the two brothers before deciding to build its own brand, it is focused on trying to achieve, "have their own patented technology."In fact, it is such a high demand, When the foreign participation, there was a foreign counterparts went Diqing Qiu 's booth, holding a product looked a long time before leaving."In fact, he wanted to see if we have or not copied him."Diqing Qiu said that only research and development efforts to continuously upgrade their technology in order to allow enterprises to go abroad after also can be confident.

Currently, more than 600 employees in this enterprise, Dilin Qiu research team led by more than 30 people.Diling Qiu opinion, although small-scale research and development team, but every one has its own R & D staff good place.

He was touched, whenever a new product of a research and development aspects of the difficulties, "the people of our team will stay together to think of ways." Qiu Dilin remember in their continued development the second, three, four, six tube of different types of beer barrels refrigeration equipment, R & D department colleagues together do not know stayed up nights, "and to launch '2013 Wine China', light in the R & D process scrap bulk sample used stainless steel tube reached more than 60 tons."

Fortunately, once launched, the product was been welcomed. Germany Munich international beverage and liquid food technology Expo opened in 2013. This is showing the global beer, beverage and liquid food technology of the global event, is the global beer barrels distribution industry market weather vanes. From Italy, a well-known art designer in visiting "Talos" exhibits, specifically to visit Diqing Qiu .

Diqing Qiu still remember that sentence: the design and process of your products surprise me, really great!

Reporter: when you come out to make accurate, is just a teenage child.

Qiu:compared to other children's childhood, I experienced a little more, especially during the period 13-16. At that time, the parents went to work every day except I live, go to school, but also to help around the house. During that time, the family also raised a few pigs, go home from school every day, I will go to the mountain for pulling yam cooked pigs.
I was 13 years old, 80 years old grandfather can not take care of themselves, incontinence, often in the pants. School home far, other students may go to school in the morning in the afternoon before I came back, I have to every day at noon to go back to a trip to Grandpa home, to help him buy lunch, trousers, rub the body, so to stick to 16 year old tomb sweeping day, the day my grandfather go. So my character is more willing to endure, to bear, not afraid of difficulties.

Reporter: so, when you decided to come out to make, is in fact ready?

Qiu:I grew interested in martial arts novels, especially Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, gu long. Junior high school, I often go to the bookstore to borrow. What attracts me is that these characters, they are the beginning of a small figure, and finally through their own efforts to become a hero of the world. So at that time, I also hope that I can be a successful person in the future.
16 year old junior high school graduation that year, from my decision to go to my cousin that work began, I have to do a good job in the face of all kinds of difficulties.
Remember at that time, the factory away more than ten kilometers, and often work overtime, every time up to nine o'clock in the evening, home of the road a long uphill, particularly difficult to ride, and all around the cemetery is, a lot of people after there heart tremble. But I am, the more I feel afraid, the more I want to try.

Reporter: what about starting up business?

Qiu:I started in 1997, the early to do electronic products. At the beginning, I was worried, but I felt I had to try. At that time I ran all over the business, asking everywhere, from Guangdong to Xi'an, while running while checking the phone call, the probability is the 100 to meet the kind of 1.
I remember receiving the first single, I own no raw materials, ask someone else borrowed 100 pounds of copper powder, riding a bicycle to Tongbang processing factory, smelting and processing, continuous 3 months are do at three o'clock in the morning, is completely a pair of workaholic look.

Reporter: This shows that your ability is very strong.

Qiu:since childhood, I have a strong ability to work. When I was 10 years old, there was a man in the village who came back from Taiwan. He was free to go to Taiwan, came back to the village people call him "Taiwan guy".
At that time, his family bought a TV. At the time, this is not everyone can afford, so we are very curious went to his home to watch TV, before television did not end now, and it is through an external receiver to tune in a station to receive. I think the receiver is not very complicated. I think I don't have a TV set right now, just get a receiver. One day have a television, can also use it , A few days later, I have to tinker with it, finally it made ones.

Reporter: in fact, for a person who has not mastered any resources, their own technology R & D capability in the process of entrepreneurship, will play a very important role.

Qiu:at that time, our government has no resources, no background, a lot of places are not open. And even some people will talk to you to suppress you, and some will compete with our price, grab our channels, reported some false negative news.
Once, an older qualifications, relatively close relationship between business and we compete for the list, to the customers reflect our bribe employees. But I always believed that the best response is the quality of your product better than others. In 2003, then sent us here next Xiamen developers a client, the developer to the workshop to understand a bit, let's do the drawings on the spot to take samples. Under normal circumstances, to seven days to complete, but we have received a drawing 17:00 began crashing, the next day to give him.
He saw sample, choose to cooperate with us. Later I learned that they had already selected suppliers, to state my side is try. He gave orders for a 50 000, I promise five days to complete. By these two alone, they see our technology, then the company or whether it is operating profit funds have greatly improved. There is also a Russian customer. It is the same reason.

Reporter: during this period are very smooth?

Qiu:But then met 2008 financial crisis, a month lost about 1million .Then I reflect on, we can not be together into various aspects, but to have their own high-quality products and brands.
Of course, there is also a thing prompted us to rethink. Have a relative told me that there is a business Wenling, in foreign exhibitors were torn out brochures.
Therefore, we determined to start to settle down, to see the country in a barrel of beer distribution equipment industry has not yet formed climate, we invest decisively and equipment, to establish their own R & D team.
By the end of 2011, we completed the first self-developed test equipment beer machine.

Reporter: in the process, have you ever deliberately want to give the team a kind of temperament?

Qiu:I think people have such a feeling, unwilling to compromise, more through their own efforts to achieve self-worth, perhaps the result unsatisfactory. But I personally prefer to challenge something, we must work to achieve the ultimate. This is my team's requirements. I remember, in the continued development of phase two pipes, three, four, six tubes of different types of beer refrigeration process, together with colleagues in R & D department does not know how to boil the night, and in order to launch '2013 wine spear' light spear scrapped wine used in the development process of a stainless steel tube reached 60 tons. Is this for their high demand, when we get products abroad when emboldened there. 2013 Munich International Beverage and Liquid Food Technology Fair opened. This is to demonstrate the global beer, beverage and liquid food technology in the global event, it is the global beer industry market leader. A well-known art designer from Italy after visiting "Talos" exhibits, specifically to visit me. I still remember the words to the scene: your product design and process to my surprise, really great!

Reporter: what kind of goals for the future?

Qiu:last year, we in the United States opened branch, this year we built the annual production capacity of 500 million yuan scale standard workshop, and invested more than 1 million to complete the strategic positioning of "Tartarus" brand. We want to and bottled beer industry, promote the development of the market, but also to be the industry leader in the future.

Reporter: but how to deal with the distance from the international brand?

Qiu:Layout to cloth good, the key also has its own intellectual property system. We want to form their own set of values, both from product quality or integrity of the services on.

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