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Talos, dancing in the global market
Date:2015-11-20      Compiler:TALOS      Hits:3592


On September 20, 2013, the Drinktec every four years in Munich came to a successful end. Talos Holdings Limited attended this most professional show in the industry with a luxurious exhibition team and achieved fruitful results, Talos began its dancing in the global market.


Drinktec is the world's leading beverage and liquid food industry exhibition, it is an indicator of the global market. Drinktec includes the all industrial chains of beverage and liquid food industry, gathered the all industry well-known enterprises, it is known as the "Olympics of the beverage and liquid food technology". The expo attracted the all worldwide famous manufacturers and trade companies from beer, liquid food and technical equipment industry , about 60,000 people from more than 170 countries and regions attended this show.


“Made in China”is always been thought as "bad quality, low price, poor design" by some  developed countries,  it caused many Chinese companies lost their confidence in the global market. In this exhibition, as a representative of the draft beer dispensing equipments from China, Talos win the dignity for Chinese companies by its 100 square meters exquisite decoration booth, more than 200 high quality products and exhibition theme "made in China, excellent quality, service of global". After visiting Talos exhibits, the famous Italian artist M. Coller sighed to Talos president Mr. Adi Qiu : "Your product design really surprised me, great!" A technical director from a famous brand of beer equipment in Germany praised thumbs-up: "Very Good!"


Talos showed the strong power of “Made in China”, also showed the development potential of “Made in China”, especially showed its own powerful manufacturing capacity, design capability and high quality based on the products including beer cooler, beer tower, beer tap, keg spear and keg coupler etc. During the five days of the expo, Talos received more than 300 visits of new and old friends from all over the world, talked and discussed with AB-InBev, Heineken, Carlsberg and Kirin etc. Except provided a reference model  for “Made in China” to the global market , Talos also created a new milestone for dancing in the global market.