The fifteenth China International Beer Festival
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The fifteenth China International Beer Festival 17 day closing ceremony on the evening of August 11th in Xinghai square. The beer festival this year, the Senate festival of Chinese and foreign beer companies and manufacturers have more than 30, among them, foreign beer enterprises accounted for more than 80%, exhibition site sales of more than 400 kinds of beer brands, received a total of about 165 million foreign tourists, beer sales reached more than 1200 tons.

More than 400 kinds of beer brands on display, first opened a beer garden leisure area

Reference section of more than 30 Chinese and foreign beer enterprises from China and Germany, the United States, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, countries, more than 400 kinds of beer brands on display, Tsingtao, Yanjing, China Resources, Budweiser and Harbin beer, Czech Republic of Montenegro and hull de Bernard, core and blue ribbon in the United States, the Netherlands Heineken, Hb and other beer brands. Among them, the new section of the German fool Hauff beer, Blue Girl Beer, China Wudalianchi beer, Australia crown beer. For the first time opened 5 beer garden covers an area of 5000 square meters, provides a quiet way of tasting for tourists, by Chinese and foreign tourists blitz.

More than 500 kinds of special delicacy

The beer festival site gathered more than 500 kinds of delicacy, mainly from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hongkong and Germany, Spain, Russia and other places. At the same time the beer tent is provided with delicacy area, reflects the rich connotation of blending beer culture and diet culture development.

Every day more than 400 theatrical performances

Ginseng is mostly based on LED large screen taking alcohol as the background this year, build a beautiful stage of arrange performances. The wine business mostly invited foreign performance team cheer, invited more than 30 branches overseas performance team more than 200 foreign actors live performances, enrich the festival performances. Live every day of the big canopy are Chinese and foreign songs and dances, the band and other programs with the field competition. Among them, foreign beer manufacturers are in the program highlights the local customs and exotic colors, big tent in Munich invited the local well-known take five band, fool Hauff beer tent invited European black diamond band and many entertainers, Czech liquor Fort large canopy program invited professional director, show the European style. Some liquor business also specially arranged the night of carnival, all night, meet the night and other special performances.

10 theme activities rich in content

"Passionate Beer Festival, romantic in Dalian" as the theme, the current Oktoberfest with opening ceremony, Munich big canopy, open canopy, parades, beer culture exhibition and brewed experience activities, photography contest, drinking contest competition, creative works contest, baby beer selection activities, the best wine selection activities, tickets draw 10 theme activities. Beer drinking contest for the first time increased the big stomach King challenge, the whole attracted a total of more than 2 residents of the public's enthusiasm to participate in and watch. Beer baby contest by female college students, more than 800 people have signed up to participate in activities this year, but also provide employment opportunities for 30 finalists. Raffle tickets and activities to implement instant awards, expand the winning side, full of more than 2000 visitors were given various awards.

This year is still beer culture exhibition activities increased for the first time the home brewed beer experience activities, and in the field of specially built brewed experience large canopy, brewed by the master to participate in festival visitors explain guide the manual beer brewing process, attracting thousands of tourists participation. Were also organized during the China international home brewed Grand Prix, promoted the rapid development of manual brew beer the fashion trend in China.

500 cleaning staff to clean up about 1000 tons of garbage

From the organizing committee, indicating tourists admission guidance, night lighting, bathroom configuration details, provide more convenient services for tourists to participate in the festival. The scene has a total of eight entrance, 12 a booth, 10 large bathroom can accommodate more than 800 people, more than 100 warning and guidance brand, laying the 1.5 million meters of wire and cable and 2500 meters Wai stalls, with 1 million parking space, the establishment of a correspondent reception, trauma treatment service. Site cleaning work under the unified arrangements of the organizing committee, 500 cleaning staff day and night kept clean up garbage, on site cleaning and disinfecting, do no garbage, no stains, no smell, no dead angle, no mosquitoes, always maintain a fresh and clean Senate festival environment.